Welcome to Eva Ashwood’s Hearth & Hawthorn.

A guide for those seeking answers from an intuitive reader and Life Coach.

Eva gives a querent an alternate method of accessing answers that are not yet apparent and provides a gateway to an individuals inner self and psyche.

By using her own unique gifts and expertise she helps an individual to embrace the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the self to discover and craft happiness and success in their life.

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Offers: Readings & Pricing

“Recognize your opportunity to live beyond the norm.”

Readings are not limited by geography as email and video sessions are available. All reading requests will receive a confirmation email upon booking. Due to high booking demand please be aware that appointments may require one week advanced booking.

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Having a party?

Eva Ashwood’s on site group and event readings are an extraordinary addition to ladies night, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal parties, festivals, team building and seasonal events. For event inquiries reach out to us by visiting the contact page.



Single Card Reading – 10 – 15 Min

Focusing on a specific question or issue.

$15.00 (CAD)

Three Card Reading – 20 – 25 Min

Three card reading using a customized tarot spread specific to the type of question, (love/finance/career/lifestyle etc.)

Offers better insight to the aspect affecting a querent and their question

$25.00 (CAD)

Seven Card Reading – 30 -40 Min

Fully detailed and customized spread offering insight based on past, present and possible future outcomes. Learn what may help and hinder you on your journey. Who and what may have influence over a possible outcome.

*best reading for 3 to 5 month time period

$50.00 (CAD)

Limited Time Only! Specialized Readings:

The Shadow Worker’s Reading – 15 Min

Explore the darker or more hidden aspects of yourself. Discover aspects and habits that shape you as an individual on the deepest levels. Receive insight on how to embrace, mature and prosper with a contented and close relationship with the self.

$20.00 (CAD)

Tarot-scope – 15 Min

A combination Reading of tarot and horoscope.

Offers insight into the week ahead in relation to your sun and moon sign, the planetary alignments and tarot affirmations.

$20.00 (CAD)

Limited Time Availability! – Intuitive Crystal Grid Power Reading – Tarot is incorporated with a personal crystal grid. Love, finance, emotional injury, and internal fears can prevent us from living our best lives. This 10 card reading is aimed at aligning yourself with your greatest good. A crystal grid created just for you remains active for 48 hours. Crystals are selected to provide a vibration to assist one of your key strengths and other crystals are selected to assist a potential weakness. Disclaimer: Crystal healing does not replace a need for medical/psychological treatment.

Special Offer – $30.00

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Contact & Booking

Office & Contact Hours:

Contact and office hours are from 10:00am – 6:00pm EST.

If you submit an email or booking request after hours please allow some time to get back to you.

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